How to Choose a Niche As a Content Creator within 6 Minutes

How to Choose a Niche As a Content Creator within 6 Minutes

Starting off in the wrong niche leads to such results: 

example of a dead niche example of a dead niche

What’s interesting? You already know this and want to make sure your niche pays off in the long run.

Hmm… That makes sense! 

It’s good you’re testing the waters before getting started. Just give me your 8 minutes, I’ll make you pro at niche selection. 

#1 - Find Your Passion 

When you do what you love, you’re capable of a marathon. Otherwise, you’ll barely work and stop in the middle of your journey. 

That’s the story of many creators who quit early. They see ‘money’ as the only driving force. 

Once it’s not there, they don’t feel like working anymore. 

Look, money is important and I get that. 


"Live the journey, don’t die for the destination.” 

Most creators don’t know what their actual passion is. You’re among them? Let’s play around this niche quiz then: 

Q1: What do you do when you have nothing to do? 

Q2: Imagine you don't have to work for money because you've got unlimited funds. What would you do to spend your time?

Q3: You return home exhausted and you can't sleep. Is there something you'll still enjoy doing without feeling tired?

These questions are coming from a book called ‘Redefine Your Reality by Shafin De Zane,’ which I read back in 2021. 

Answer these questions honestly. 

#2 - Put All the Pieces Together 

While answering all those questions, you must have come across several hobbies. For instance, take a look at mine: 

  • Fast food
  • Singing 
  • Writing 
  • Poetry 
  • Psychology 
  • Marketing 
  • Helping others
  • Joking 

With these hobbies, I can take the first step to become a content creator. 

If we mix fast food and joking, I can become a food memer. 

If we mix writing and poetry, I can use my singing skills to make great songs. 

If we mix writing, psychology, and my helping nature, I can create videos that can help people improve themselves. 

And guess what? Opportunities are everywhere, I just need a little creativity and great marketing skills to succeed at everything. 

That applies to you too! 

#3 - Strike the Right Balance Between Profit and Passion 

Now that you have decided to live the journey, you must know that money isn’t your foe. After all, you can’t survive without a bag 💰

Whenever I pick a new niche, I make sure it passes my criteria. Curious what that is? Let me show you!


Most people say target low competition niches so that you can stand out. In reality, what’s the point of standing out if you can’t make money? 

Money flows, wherever traffic goes! 

It’s like beating the topdog as an underdog. 

Study your niche, become an expert, and make yourself fit into the competition. That’s how GOATs play. 

Let’s say you’ve got a YouTube channel that talks about Vincent Van Gogh. And somehow, you got viral. 

How will you make money? 

  • Ads? 
  • Books related to Vincent Van Gogh? 
  • Merchandise? 

Most people who will come across your video are curious. Don’t expect them to make you a lot of money. 

Watch the Trend 

Whatever you think is cool, is it evergreen? 

There was a time when fidget spinners were making everyone crazy. But now, nobody really cares! 

Don’t believe me? Read comments below this post in the Afterloop subreddit, which usually talks about the past trending events. 

In fact, here I noticed a guy saying he spent $6K on Fidget spinners but can’t get rid of them now. What a waste! 

The question here is - how will you know if a trend is over? For that matter, you can: 

  • Ask Google if it’s dead 
  • Research on YouTube 
  • Get into Reddit communities, especially Aftertheloop 
  • Make Google Trends your friend:

As you can see here, the interest declined over time. 

  • See how active your competitors are lately 

Opportunities for Monetization 

The more ways you have for monetization, the better it is. If one way doesn’t work, you can always adapt, evolve, and maximize your revenue. 

Recently, I thought I should start a project about crazy facts because I’ve got an engaging voice. But, what good will that bring to me? 

Apart from ads, promos, and print on demand, I don’t think there’s anything I can do to make money in this niche. 

I’ve literally seen every competitor and can’t find anything else apart from this. Make sure you don’t have such problems in your niche. 

Always spy your competitors across various channels to know what monetization strategy is working for them. 


Now scratch everything off your list and select the top 3 profitable niches that are closest to your heart, and forget the rest! 

Among these 3 niches, pick the one that can bring fastest results to your journey as a new creator. 

Is Your Niche in 2024’s Most Profitable Niches? 

AI and Technology

After ChatGPT, people are waiting for the ‘next big thing’ that can help them reach their next level of laziness. 

From converting text into audio to getting the best automation tools, there’s a lot you can sell. Just teach people how to use these latest AI tools and generate a bunch of affiliate sales.  

In addition to this, there are many other technology niches such as cryptocurrency, NFT, virtual reality, augmented reality, and much more. 

Mental Health

When I was a kid, I didn’t know what ‘issues’ or ‘depression’ meant. Nowadays, every other kid knows these words. 

According to Gallup’s latest survey, nearly 29% of U.S. adults report a lifetime depression diagnosis, which is 10% points higher than they saw in 2015. 

So yes, this proves people are in more depression than ever. 

Source: Gallup


People who are depressed are more likely to get a pet. In fact, several studies like this one show that pets can significantly reduce your depression, loneliness, and improve overall cardiovascular health. 

That’s what I heard among my friends too. So, this will definitely grow in the coming years.

Remote work and Productivity 

After the Covid-19 period, everyone has learned what working from home is like. Strange thing is some people even enjoyed it. 

Upwork, the biggest freelancing platform, recently estimated that more than 20% of the US workforce will be remote by 2035. 

What’s more surprising? Compared to pre-pandemic rates, there are 16.8 million more people interested in remote work.

Home Cooking

Living costs are rising. Day by day, more people are making meals at home instead of going to their favorite restaurants. 

As a creator, you can start posting yummy recipes, affordable luxury experiences, and various diet plans. 

Making money in this niche is super easy because you have tons of options. 

What’s Next? 

Alright, so far I’ve told you everything there is to know about niche selection. 

Just in case you don’t know what are the next steps, I’d suggest you should read another article I’ve put together last week. 

It’s packed with actionable advice to kickstart your journey, beginner-friendly monetizing strategies, tools every creator needs, and a few personal stories to spark your inspiration. 

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