12 Best Free AI Tools for Content Creators (Other Than ChatGPT)

12 Best Free AI Tools for Content Creators (Other Than ChatGPT)

In the era of AI, you can get days of work within hours and hours of work within minutes. 

This is best for creators who lack money at the beginning of their journey.

Let’s say I need an image for the intro part of an article like this one, I can use AI to come up with something like this: 

Image generated by a free AI tool

Looks interesting? Keep reading, I’ll show you 12 best free AI tools you can leverage to create quality work at scale. 

#1 - Bing Image Designer

Bing Image Designer is one of the best free AI tools, giving a tough competition to paid alternatives.

Unlike Mid Journey or any other platform, you don’t have to buy credits here.

Don't worry if you see points here.

free bing ai image generator free bing ai image generator

Think of these points as boosts. Once you run out of these, the image generation process will slow down a bit.

Let me show you how it works: 

Head over to the free Bing AI image generator here and type your prompt:

Typing a prompt in Bing AI image generator

In a few minutes, you'll see your words turn into four awesome images:

Bing image creator results

The first one looks okayish, isn’t it? Actually, what you get from this AI tool depends a lot on your prompt. But yes, there’s more to it. 

Out of these 4 images, I’ll click on my favorite and hit ‘customize.’ 

customizing a bing image creator image

On both sides of the screen, you’ll see loads of customization options for the image we've just generated.

Using bing image graphic designer for image customization

#2 - Haiper AI

Haiper AI can convert your text to video, animate your image, and repaint your video. And guess what? You can have everything for free!

In fact in a few days, you’ll be able to extend your videos as well. 

Haiper AI one of the best free tools on the list

Click on any of these 4 options and a box will pop up at the bottom. Let’s see how these features work. 

Creating Video with Text

To get started, I’ll try to convert my text into video. Type your prompt in the box and click on ‘create.’

Creating video with text using Haiper

After 5 minutes, you’ll see your end result.

Here’s mine: 


Repainting Generated Video with Another Prompt

That paintbrush icon can help you repaint the video you just generated. Let’s see what we can do: 

Repainting an image using Haiper

That paintbrush has given me another prompt box where I can put my ideas. For now, I’ve just selected one of the suggested prompts. 

Repaint prompt for Haiper

This is what I got after repainting:


Animating an Image 

I’ve generated this Football image from Bing image creator. Let’s see how we can bring life to it: 


converting an image to video using Haiper



What I’ve done with Haiper is just the beginning. You must check this video that an AI experimenter, Flame Rozario, posted on LinkedIn: 

When she told me she did it using Haiper, I couldn’t believe it. If I have to pick the best free AI tool on this list, I’d say Haiper deserves the #1 spot. 

#3 - Naming Magic

Starting an initiative but stuck on finding a perfect name? In that case, Naming Magic can be your go-to free AI tool. 

Go to Naming Magic, write your product description, add a few keywords, and then click on ‘name my startup.’

Naming Magic AI tool for finding a name for startup

On the right hand side, you’ll see a few AI suggestions. 

You might not like the first suggestion, so keep clicking on the same button over and over again unless you get the right one. 

A Secret Tip 🕵🏻: Use different keywords to get a variety of results. 

#4 - Watermark Remover 

Many AI websites generate images with a watermark. There’s nothing wrong if we remove it and use the content as our own. 

After all, AI never generates the same image twice.  

Let me show you how I removed mine.

Here’s an image with a watermark on it: 

AI image watermark removal

Let’s upload it to the Watermark Remover. 

Best AI watermark remover tool

See? It removed the watermark and the text at the bottom within 3 seconds. 

Watermark remover io tool review

#5 - RemoveBG

You click an awesome image, but behind the scenes take it all away. 

In such situations, you either remove the background or replace it with something cooler.

Let’s take this image as an example to see how RemoveBG works. 

an image example for background removal using remove bg

Go to RemoveBG and upload your image. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop your image. 

remove bg ai tool for image background removal remove bg ai tool for image background removal

Within 10-15 seconds, you’ll get your image without any background. In fact, you can see that there’s an option to 'add background' as well. 

Let’s play around a little!

removed background from the sample image using a free ai tool removed background from the sample image using a free ai tool

I have added a photo in the back and applied some blur.

Don’t you think this looks interesting?

replacing image background using remove bg ai tool replacing image background using remove bg ai tool

This tool is a life saver for those creators who regularly post product images. 

#6 - YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude

Watching long hours of videos on YouTube is overwhelming. That’s why I mostly go through summaries to consume hours of content within 5 minutes. 

Unlike other AI tools, YouTube Summary needs to be installed as an extension on your chrome browser. 

To install it, go here and click on ‘Add to Chrome.’  

youtube summary with chat gpt and calude ai tool youtube summary with chat gpt and calude ai tool

Once it’s installed, go to YouTube and watch one of your favorite videos.

Summarizing a YouTube video using free AI tool

On the right side, this plugin will show you captions with timestamps. Click on ‘View AI Summary’ to get a summary from these captions.

This is how it looks like: 

YouTube video summary generated by chatgpt

A Secret Tip 🕵🏻: This extension is more suitable for non-listicle videos because it summarizes the entire video in 5 bullet points only.

#7 - Goblin Tools

When I first came across Goblin Tools, I didn’t like the interface. But as I explored a little further, their entire toolkit caught me off guard. 

Here’s what I found: 

goblin tools review goblin tools review

Want to explore how each tool works? Let’s go! 

#7.1 - Magic ToDo 

It breaks down your tasks into smaller tasks so that you don’t procrastinate anymore. 

Just write down your task and click on the + button. 

Press the magic button on the right hand side to break down your task into small chunks. 

breaking down tasks into smaller chunks using magic todo breaking down tasks into smaller chunks using magic todo

Look here now: 

magic todo use case magic todo use case

Want to narrow down even more? 

Go ahead and press that magic button again. That’s the beauty of it.

The more you click, the more it breaks down your tasks. 

I’ve pressed the magic button again on the ‘schedule meeting’ note. 

See how it’s narrowing it down further:

narrow down tasks using magic todo narrow down tasks using magic todo

#7.2 - Formalizer

Formalizer can turn your spicy taunts into sweet talks. Let’s say I’ve a text like this in my mind and I want to say the same thing in some other manner.

goblin tools ai formalizer review goblin tools ai formalizer review

I can pick various tones:

changing tone of the text using free ai tool called formalizer changing tone of the text using free ai tool called formalizer

What if we say it being polite?

Fair warning!

Put down your coffee cup before reading this:

rude text to polite using formalizer rude text to polite using formalizer

Can you see how crazy this tool is? 

Keep experimenting, there’s more to it. 

#7.3 - The Judge

Whenever I write content, I make sure I don’t offend my readers. But if there’s anything left due to cultural differences, it's not easy to know what's right.  

In this case, the Judge from Goblin Tools is a life-saver. How about we put the text we just got from the 'Formalizer' in the 'Judge Box' to see if it's really polite?

the judge best free ai tool for reading your text tone the judge best free ai tool for reading your text tone

Hmm.. Sounds like it is! 

#7.4 - Estimator

You don't know how much time it might take to complete a certain task? Just type your query and let the Estimator give you an estimate:

estimator free ai tool for estimation estimator free ai tool for estimation

A Little Warning: 

The more detailed your prompt is, the more accurate estimation you’ll get. 

If you ever hire a writer, designer, or someone who belongs to the creative field, take the AI's estimates with a grain of salt.

The estimations you’ll get will be far from reality.

Understanding the true depth of any art form really comes down to seeing it with your own eyes.

#7.5 - Compiler

You don’t like to organize? Go ahead and dump your ideas into the Compiler box. 

compiler free ai tool compiler free ai tool

Let it give you a list of tasks you can work on. 

If you like the list, send it to the Magic Todo and break your tasks even further using the magic button. 

Within seconds, you’ll have an action plan ready. 

#7.6 - Chef

As a creator, we chase ideas all day long. But when it’s about cooking, we don’t have many. 

No issue! 

Just put all your ingredients in the Chef and let it cook a recipe for you. 

the chef free ai tool for getting cooking recipe the chef free ai tool for getting cooking recipe

That’s it, cook a nice meal, eat well, and let creativity run freely. 

Last Minute Tip for You! 

I’ve seen that most content creators rely too much on AI tools these days, which isn’t a bad thing as long as you know: 

“You use the tool, the tool never uses you.” 

So being your fellow content creator, I’d say real thinking begins off the computer.