Beacons vs Campsite Bio: Which One is Best for You?

Beacons vs Campsite Bio: Which One is Best for You?

Out of 60+ link in bio tools, comparing Beacons and Campsite feels like picking a winner between YouTube and TikTok.

Whether it’s user interface, integrations, or overall hype, both are different in their own unique ways. There’s a lot to discover that might surprise you. 

Ready to find out? Let’s get started! 

1st - Check this if you hate reading:

Comparison Table
Features Beacons Campsite Bio
Overview All-in-one marketing platform that helps creators build pages, manage email marketing, track analytics, and 10 other powerful functions that include the power of AI as well. Campsite is a simple link in bio tool which can help you keep all your URLs in one place. From carousel links to flexible customization, there’s everything you need for your bio page.
Ease of Use 8/10 (basics are easy, pro features require learning) 8/10 (Couldn’t access the link in bio tool easily due to their profile selection feature)
Integrations Zapier, Mailchimp, and Substack Google Sheets, Zapier, Mailerlite, Omnisend, and much more!
Pricing Free, $4.49 per month Free, $7 per month
Best suited for those who are.. Getting started and don’t know much about domain, hosting, site builders, etc. No money to spend but wants to display all URLs on a single page with minimum possible ads

2nd - Let’s read!

Beacons Overview

Beacons was launched in 2019 by four friends during their PhDs in machine learning at Stanford. 

They help creators by providing an all-in-one online platform, more than just a simple link-in-bio tool.

Key Features 


  • Built-in store for direct sales of merchandise or services
  • Dynamic link in bio page builder
  • Collect emails, create unique layouts, and embed social content
  • Advanced AI tools for text and image generation
  • Over 30 design elements and functional tools
  • A wide selection of website templates


  • Options for flexible payment plans through Klarna or Affirm
  • Early access to funds from collaborations without delays
  • Membership options for exclusive content
  • Ability to upsell at checkout
  • 9% transaction fee on basic plans (Free for Pro and VIP members) 


  • Tools to manage and understand audience interactions
  • Detailed tracking of page views, link clicks, traffic sources, and click-through rates
  • Media kit analytics for insights on page visits
  • Advanced filtering to streamline data management
  • Capability to export essential data in CSV format


  • Various tools for building and managing newsletters and audience lists
  • Send unlimited emails to specific lists
  • Custom link management including URL shortening and tracking
  • Get AI generated personalized, high-quality outreach emails
  • Customization for SEO, UTMs, and tracking pixels


  • Dashboard for managing finances effectively
  • Facilities for generating and managing invoices
  • Tools for tax documentation and pricing calculations for brand deals
  • Responsive customer support with a range of 6 to 48 hours turnaround

Campsite Overview

Campsite was founded by Joshua Werner in 2017. It's supported by big names like Dell and Georgetown University and provides robust tools for creating an effective bio link, despite lacking an inspiring startup story.

Key Features 


  • Capability to design custom themes for specific needs
  • Display titles, dividers, and button styles
  • 18 ready-made themes for immediate use
  • Over 1K fonts and 4K icons for bio page customization
  • Features for collecting emails from followers
  • Options for adding custom domains and collaborators


  • Tip Jar feature for direct financial support from followers
  • Easy integration with payment links for seamless transactions


  • Graphical displays of views, clicks, and engagement metrics
  • Regular updates via email with access to powerful reporting tools
  • Insights into top referral sources and most engaged countries
  • Advanced data filtering options for strategic decision-making
  • Exportable data in CSV format for comprehensive analysis


  • Integration with major marketing tools like Convertkit, Mailchimp, and Zapier
  • Customization options for UTM parameters and Facebook pixel


  • Multiple profiles
  • Customer support options including AI-based assistance, ticket submissions, and a detailed help center

Beacons vs Campsite: Comparison & Walkthrough! 

#1 - Popularity

When it comes to popularity, Campsite isn’t even near Beacons. On one end, Beacons have a community of over 3 million. 

Alternatively, we see Campsite having barely 250K users. 

Winner: Beacons 

#2 - Dashboard

While it’s true Beacons has a learning curve to it, it’s not that difficult to master. Once you’re in and hover over a few things, you’ll know how it works. 

As you can see here, everything is quite clear on the left sidebar. 

Beacons vs Linktree dashboard review

On Campsite, it took me a while to figure out that my link in bio tool is inside the profile section. 

Campsite Bio dashboard walkthrough

Comparing the dashboard of both tools, I’d say Beacons has a lot more features than Campsite, and it’s still not that difficult to learn. 

Beacons AI dashboard review
Winner: Beacons 

#3 - Templates, Aesthetics, & Appearance

Unlike Beacons, Campsite has pre-made templates that can help you set up and customize your link in bio page effortlessly.

Campsite bio templates

On Beacons, you’ll have to customize everything for your page without any template. 

This is what I made using one of the Campsite Bio's templates:

And this is what I designed using Beacons AI:

In this scenario, I prefer Campsite because it has way more customization features and templates for a link in bio page.

Winner: Campsite 

#4 - Toolstack

Apart from the link in bio tool, Beacons have 14 other apps that can help a creator do everything in one place. 

Beacons AI apps vs Campsite Bio

If we talk about Campsite, it’s just a link in bio tool which doesn’t have any other extra tools for you. 

Winner: Beacons 

#5 - Analytics

Analytics of both link in bio tools is the same. For instance, this is how it looks like on Campsite Bio: 

Campsite Bio analytics review

And this is Beacons: 

Beacons analytics review

Still, Beacons AI has a lot more than what you’re seeing. They also let you track tips, transaction analytics, social icon clicks, and much more!  

Winner: Beacons

#6 - Pricing 

Paying $7 per month, you can get a perfect link in bio tool for your Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. 

Beacons vs Campsite pricing comparison

And if you pay just a little extra for Beacons which is $1.33, you can leverage a link in bio tool, website builder, buy now pay later, and much more. 

Campsite vs Beacons Pricing

The only downside is - Unless you buy a Creator Pro, you can’t remove Beacons branding. 

Winner: Campsite

Final Verdict!

Beacons is a far better option for those who don’t know much about hosting, domain, and technical stuff. 

Inside Beacons, you can have everything you need to build your business. 

Remember, you can’t remove branding in the Pro plan of the Beacons. For that, you have to buy the Creator Pro plan which costs $25 per month. 

Just in case you already have a website, various subscriptions, and lots of online marketing experience, I'd recommend you should go with Campsite.

In fact, its free version looks way more premium than Beacons pro plan.

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