Linktree vs Campsite: Which Link in Bio Tool is Worth it?

Linktree vs Campsite: Which Link in Bio Tool is Worth it?

Comparing Linktree and Campsite, I’d say it’s more of a topdog vs underdog thing. 

While it’s true Linktree is one of the first link in bio tools, we can’t ignore the fact that Campsite came just a year after Linktree. 

Trust me, Campsite can also surprise you at many things. 

Let me show you why! 

1st - Check this if you hate reading:

Feature Linktree Campsite
Overview One of the earliest and most advanced link in bio tools with features like online store setup, email list building, and many integrations. Labeled as a tool that offers a lot without any paid plans, including carousel links and flexible customization.
Ease of Use 9/10 (Simple user interface) 8/10 (Was confusing initially)
Integrations Spring, Typeform, Shopify, Calendly, Zapier, and 45+ other apps Mailerlite, Omnisend, Google Sheets, Zapier, and much more!
Pricing Free, $4.49 per month Free, $7 per month
Best suited for those who are.. Don’t mind paying $5 a month to scale further Not planning to purchase any paid plans and still hoping for most of the premium features

2nd - Let’s Read! 

Linktree Overview 

Linktree was started in 2016 by brothers Alex and Anthony Zaccaria, and their business partner Nick Humphreys. 

They wanted to help their clients manage their social media links effectively, so they came up with a tool that keeps every important link in one place. 

In 2024, over 40 million people worldwide are using Linktree, and it has evolved a lot since then. 

Key Features 


  • Collect emails, add animations, and use over 35 cool features
  • Built-in online store
  • 25 free templates 
  • A premium link in bio template library for every type of user
  • Simple "link in bio" page builder
  • Add custom domain name


  • Share your digital products through SendOwl
  • Connect to big affiliate programs like Amazon, CJ, and Apple
  • No transaction fees, even for free accounts
  • Sell products from your Shopify, Spring, or Bonfire stores right on Linktree


  • Track conversions
  • Export data as a CSV file
  • See detailed stats on each link, email campaign, and streaming platform
  • Check your data across different time ranges


  • Use Facebook Conversion API
  • Integrate with tools like Zapier, Google Sheets, Substack, and Mailchimp
  • Set up UTM parameters for global tracking
  • Manage SEO settings


  • Multi-factor authentication for extra security
  • Work with a dedicated customer success manager
  • Schedule a 30-minute call to get started right away
  • Access exclusive webinars and videos
  • Create custom terms and conditions
  • Add multiple admins to help manage your account
  • Get live chat support within 4 to 48 hours
  • Use their mobile app for easy management

Campsite Bio Overview 

Campsite was founded by Joshua Werner in 2017. 

Right now, this platform is backed up by Dell, Orange Theory Fitness, Georgetown University, and a few other popular brands and influencers.  

Unlike Linktree, Campsite Bio doesn’t have an ‘about’ page. So, I’ve got no motivational startup stories to share :( 

Key Features


  • 18 ready to use free themes
  • Collect emails of your followers 
  • 1000+ fonts 
  • 4000+ icons for your links 
  • Create your own custom theme 
  • Include links, titles, dividers, social accounts, button styles, and more! 
  • Add custom domain name
  • Add collaborators 


  • Support me (Tip Jar) 
  • Request payments via link 


  • Track views, clicks, and CTR with an attractive graph 
  • View top referrals, countries, links, and events 
  • Weekly email insights and other reporting tools
  • Powerful filtering that can help you make the right decisions 
  • Export data as CSV


  • UTM parameters 
  • Add Facebook pixels for retargeting 
  • Integrates well with Convertkit, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Zapier, and many other marketing tools


  • Add multiple profiles 
  • Ask AI agent, talk to customer support team, or submit a ticket to resolve your issue
  • 97 articles in the help center educates users how Campsite actually works 

Linktree vs Campsite: Comparison & Walkthrough! 

#1 - Popularity 

These are some of the brands that support Campsite Bio. Out of these, you most probably know about Dell only. 

Linktree vs campsite popularity check

If we talk about Linktree, this is what it looks like:

Campsite vs Bio which one is popular?

Apart from this, you might see Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes, Tom Macdonald, Claire Cottrill, JVKE, and many other big artists using Linktree. 

This explains why Campsite barely has 250K users worldwide. 

Winner: Linktree

#2 - Dashboard 

When I logged into Campsite Bio, it took me 20 seconds to figure out where my link in bio tool is. 

Campsite dashboard

Otherwise, everything else is quite simple to understand: 

Campsite vs Linktree Dashboard

But if we take a look at Linktree, you’ll see that everything is on the dashboard. More importantly, they have an in-built store feature. 

Winner: I love Linktree’s dashboard more because of its simplicity. 

#3 - Templates, Aesthetics, & Appearance 

Linktree has 25 free templates and Campsite has only 18. However, that doesn’t change the end result for us. 

In terms of customization, I’d say Campsite is slightly better as it has more fonts than Linktree. 

For some reason, the Campsite logo isn’t available at the bottom of my link in bio page. Maybe, it’s some glitch. 

Whatever may be the case, their logo doesn’t look as annoying as Linktree one.

For instance, check this link in bio page from GravityBee: 

I’m feeling lucky they are not putting a logo on my page without any trial or paid plans. 

In addition to this, the image grid feature automatically scrapes images from Instagram. 

Winner: Campsite Bio generated a much better end result for me. Unlike Linktree, it doesn’t give me a big branding logo at the bottom. Of course, nobody wants distraction for their fans :)

#4 - Analytics 

In Campsite Bio’s free plan, you can see total views, clicks, and CTR. 

For referral, countries, links, events, and other advanced analytics, you have to go for a paid version. 

Similarly, Linktree gives you an ability to track views, clicks, CTR, and subscribers. Yes, we didn’t have a subscriber count in the Campsite’s free plan. 

Linktree analytics
Winner: Linktree 

#5 - Pricing 

Linktree’s starter plan comes at the cost of $5 per month. 

Linktree pricing comparison with Campsite

On the other hand, you have to pay $7 per month for Campsite’s Pro plan. 

Campsite pricing comparison with linktree

Comparing pro plans of both link in bio tools, we can say Linktree is a fair deal without a second thought. 

Winner: Linktree 

Final Verdict 

Campsite is a perfect link in bio tool for those who are not planning to spend on a pro plan. If you’ve got the budget, I’d say Linktree is much better. 

You can set up an in-built store, collect emails, integrate with so many other apps, and get a link from a domain that's quite popular.

What's surprising? Linktree's cost is little bit less than Campsite Bio.

So, it makes sense!

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