Linktree vs Linkpop: Which Link in Bio Page is Worth it?

Linktree vs Linkpop: Which Link in Bio Page is Worth it?

Linktree is trusted by more than 50 million users across the globe. On the other hand, Linkpop is owned by Shopify which has a legacy of its own. 

If we compare both, you’ll see there are a lot of major differences. So without any further ado, let’s see what we have here. 

1st - Check This if You Hate Reading.. 

Feature Linktree Linkpop
Overview Linktree is a link in bio tool that helps you keep everything in one place. Whether it’s an online store or your next album coming soon, you can showcase everything seamlessly. Linkpop by Shopify is also a link in bio tool which integrates well with Shopify so that you can increase your sales. On the contrary, you can also use it as any other link in bio tool.
Ease of Use 9/10 (Simple user interface) 10/10
Integrations Shopify, Zapier, Typeform, Spring, Calendly, and 45+ other apps Shopify
Starter’s Plan Free, $4.49 per month Free
Best suited for those who want... An easy to setup a link in bio page for all their needs. A free option to showcase their personal brand, Shopify store, or affiliate links.

2nd - Let’s read! 

Linktree Overview 

Linktree began its journey in 2016. In the beginning, it was started as a personal project. 

Later on, Anthony Zacaria and Alex brothers were having a hard time managing their client's link in one place, so they came up with an idea like this one. 

Today, this solution reached 50 million users worldwide. Interesting, isn't it?

Key Features


  • Get a free built-in store 
  • 25 free templates for your link in bio page 
  • Use a custom domain name 
  • Add animations, collect emails, and have fun with over 30 other features
  • Get access to premium library that can help you build a great page without hassle


  • Add products from your Spring, Bonfire, and Shopify to Linktree shop 
  • Connect with SendOwl to sell digital products 
  • Sell CJ, Apple, and Amazon affiliate products 
  • There’s no transaction charges even on free accounts 


  • Export information as CSV files 
  • Live stats about streaming, email campaign, and link clicks 
  • Different time ranges can help you sort data efficiently 


  • Integrate with Substack, Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and Zapier
  • UTM parameters for global tracking
  • SEO settings that can help you rank your pages higher in Google 
  • Facebook conversion API integration 


  • Best security measures which includes 2FA
  • Get access to premium webinars and study material
  • Set your own terms & conditions 
  • Have multiple admins to take care of your Linktree account 
  • Dedicated customer support for paid users 
  • Live chat support within 4-48 hours
  • Mobile app available 

Linkpop Overview 

Linkpop was launched by Shopify in 2022. As far as I can tell, it looks like a great way to turn your followers into customers through social media links. 

More importantly, I’ve seen that it smoothly integrates with Shopify as it's their own product. 

Key Features 


  • More than 8 fonts are available 
  • Embed videos or music to your bio page
  • Change background color
  • Choose link style and card shape
  • Easily include all your social media links in one place 


  • Easily add shopify products to your link in bio page 
  • Add custom links to promote other websites or products 
  • Directly add amazon affiliate links
  • Add affiliate links from other networks


  • Track visits, links, and clicks per visit 
  • Link performance metric 
  • View date range to sort out your desired data


  • Doesn’t have anything that helps you with marketing :( 


  • Contact Shopify team to resolve your issues

Linktree vs Linkpop: Comparison & Walkthrough! 

#1 - Popularity 

Linktree has over 50 million users worldwide. But if we take a look at Linkpop’s popularity, we don’t know how many people are actually using it. 

So far, this is all we have: 

While it’s true that Shopify’s Linkpop is quite well-known, but we can’t ignore the fact that Liniktree is more popular. 

Winner: Linktree 

#2 - Dashboard 

Linkpop has an easy to use interface that you can understand within a few seconds. But that comes at a cost, you can’t get as much customization as Linktree provides. 

For instance, take a look at Linktree: 

Here we have a lot to customize and its end result looks way better than the Linkpop one. Soon, I’ll show you both. 

#3 - Templates, Aesthetics, & Appearance 

Unlike Linktree, Linkpop doesn’t have any option to choose templates on Linkpop. 

All you have is a few color pallets that can help you tweak your background, link cards, fonts, etc. 

Let me show you what I achieved with both: 



Winner: Linktree 

#4 - Analytics 

The free plan of both link in bio tools offers similar analytics. But if we talk about Linktree’s premium analytics, Linkpop isn’t even close. 

On Linktree, you can track where the traffic is coming from, top referrers, devices, top performing products, and much more! 

Winner: Linktree 

#5 - Pricing 

Just in case you haven’t checked Linkpop properly, you may not know that Linkpop doesn’t have any paid plans. 

If we look at Linktree, we will see that they have four different plans: 

Comparing both, I’ve felt that Linktree offers way more than Linkpop even on its free plan. 

Winner: Linktree 

Final Verdict!

So far you must have realized that Linktree is way better than Linkpop in all aspects. Even on the free plan, you can get a lot more on Linktree. 

From customization to marketing tools, Linktree has everything you need. 

Unless you’re biased towards Shopify, I don't think it's a good idea to go with

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