Linktree vs LnkBio: Don't Choose Before Reading This..

Linktree vs LnkBio: Don't Choose Before Reading This..

Linktree and LnkBio are one of the earliest link in bio tools. They both have unique features to stand out and a legacy since 2016. 

Exciting, isn’t it? 

Let’s dig further into it!

1st - Check this if you hate reading: 

Feature Linktree LnkBio
Overview Linktree is one of the well-known link in bio tools. It helps you setting up multiple links in one place, an online store, email list building, lots of integration, and much more! LnkBio is a community-led link in bio tool. It helps you set up multiple links, swipes, an online store, pages, and a lot more.
Ease of Use 9/10 (Simple user interface) 6/10
Integrations Spring, Calendly, Zapier, Typeform, Shopify, and 45+ other apps WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Ghost, Blogger, Zapier, IFTTT, and 8 others
Starter’s Plan Free, $4.49 per month Free, $1 per month
Best suited for those who want... An easy link in bio tool to set up a link in bio page within a few minutes A lot of features from a link in bio tool and don’t mind getting into the learning zone.

2nd - Let’s Read! 

Linktree Overview 

In 2016, brothers Alex and Anthony Zaccaria, along with their business partner Nick Humphreys, launched Linktree. 

Their goal was to create a tool to help clients manage their social media links more efficiently by keeping all essential links in one place. 

After 8 years, Linktree won over 40 million users. 

Key Features


  • Built-in online store
  • Collect emails, add animations, and enjoy over 35 cool features
  • Choose from 25 free templates
  • Simple "link in bio" page builder
  • Add a custom domain name
  • Access a premium link-in-bio template library for all user types


  • Share your digital products through SendOwl
  • Connect with major affiliate programs like Amazon, CJ, and Apple
  • Sell products directly from your Shopify, Spring, or Bonfire stores on Linktree
  • Enjoy no transaction fees, even on free accounts


  • Track conversions
  • Export data as CSV files
  • Get detailed stats on each link, email campaign, and streaming platform
  • Check your data across different time ranges


  • Use Facebook Conversion API
  • Set up UTM parameters for global tracking
  • Integrate with tools like Zapier, Google Sheets, Substack, and Mailchimp
  • Manage SEO settings


  • Enhance security with multi-factor authentication
  • Schedule a 30-minute onboarding call
  • Access exclusive webinars and instructional videos
  • Work with a dedicated customer success manager
  • Create custom terms and conditions
  • Add multiple admins to manage your account
  • Get live chat support within 4 to 48 hours
  • Manage your account easily with their mobile app

LnkBio Overview 

Since 2016, LnkBio has been an independent and profitable business with zero debts to investors. 

Although this platform was launched in 2016, Andrea Olivato came up with the idea in 2008. 

As you can see here, how he tried to put everything in one frame to sell his development services. 

LnkBio claims they spend $0 on advertisement, have cheapest plans among all link in bio tools, and never sell your data to any 3rd party.

What I like the most about their company is the fact that they let their women employees take menstrual leaves. 

Key Features


  • Add multiple blocks to have more control over your bio page
  • 3 URL domain options 
  • Unlimited links 
  • Upload link thumbnail 
  • 9 link button effects 
  • Carousel (unique plan) 
  • Add swipeable pages 
  • 2500+ icons 
  • 442 free themes 
  • QR codes 
  • 34 embed services 
  • Add a map 
  • Infinite custom colors (unique plan) 
  • 28,179 fonts (unique plan) 
  • Categorize links into groups 
  • Video wallpaper (unique plan) 
  • Set a fallback image for links with missing images 


  • Set up an online store (unique) 
  • Place native ads on your LnkBio page 
  • Add multiple affiliate links 
  • Collect payments for appointments 
  • 40+ payment integrations 


  • Track progress inside the ‘achievements’ page 
  • Keep an eye on views, clicks, CTR, button clicks, image views, and short urls (mini plan) 
  • See how many people are coming from your QR code 
  • Exclude your IP to get accurate results 
  • UTM presets (mini plan) 


  • 14 integrations including WordPress, Shopify, Zapier, IFTTT, etc. 
  • External pixels including GA4, Meta, Twitter, etc. 
  • Instagram and TikTok scheduler 
  • Syncs well with 31 newsletters such as Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Klaviyo, etc. 
  • API access and developer resources 
  • Tag products inside your images 


  • Live chat 
  • Help center 
  • Guides and how-tos for users
  • Feature suggestion helps you propose or vote new features 

Linktree vs LnkBio: Comparison & Walkthrough! 

#1 - Popularity 

Linktree has over 40 million users worldwide. On the other hand, LnkBio barely has 1 million users.

Both tools are backed by some of the big brands. For instance, Forbes, Mashable, Insider, Fortune, and many other brands and celebrities support Linktree. 

Similarly, I’ve seen that Roblox, Ferrari, big stars like Nina Dobrev from the Vampire Diaries, UN Women, and many others support LnkBio. 

While it's true there's a big difference in numbers here, we can't ignore that LnkBio never spent any money on ads. 

But yes, Linktree is still winning in this popularity contest. 

Spending money on ads or not is a personal choice and businesses are all about decision-making. 

So it makes sense why Linktree is a winner here! 

Winner: Linktree 

#2 - Dashboard 

LnkBio has a clean and detailed interface. Since my system’s theme is dark, it automatically gave me a dark version of their platform. Otherwise, they have a light and dark theme. 

Linktree is also clean and it's not as complicated as LnkBio. 

On Linktree, I could set up my bio page within a few minutes. 

But on LnkBio, I was learning how everything works for an hour and still couldn't get what I wanted. Perhaps, I always expect a lot being an artist. 

To be fair, LnkBio isn't that bad. Even though it has a learning curve to it, you can really customize a lot here. 

If I wanted a grid layout for my links, that would have been easier for me. 

Winner: Both are great, so it's a tie!

#3 - Templates, Aesthetics, & Appearance 

Linktree has 25+ free templates, whereas LnkBio has more than 400. 

On Linktree, I could easily customize everything with pre-made templates, whether it's buttons, background, or anything else. It felt like I already knew everything. 

When working on LnkBio, I had an adventurous ride. From blocks to layout and effect changing, I was educating myself for an hour. 

This is what Linktree gave me within a few minutes: 

And this is what I could design for myself using LnkBio after an hour: 

Winner: Tie, I like both results (good things take time) 

#4 - Analytics

Linktree provides you with basic analytics such as views, clicks, and CTR for free.

Unlike Linktree, I’ve to purchase a mini plan on LnkBio to check stats and reports. 

While it only requires $1/month, it needs to be paid and it's frustrating for me to pull out my credit card for a dollar. 

Winner: Linktree

#5 - Pricing 

Linktree’s starter plan requires $5 per month but you can't remove their branding logo without buying the pro plan. 

LnkBio’s mini plan costs only $1 per month. What’s even more exciting is that you can pay a one-time fee for both plans, which costs $9.99 and $25 respectively. 

Instead of paying monthly or annually, I’d definitely go for LnkBio. 

If I choose Linktree and pay a recurring fee, it will be because of the end result. 

What I’ve achieved with Linktree within a few minutes wasn't possible with LnkBio. 

Final Verdict! 

Both Linktree and LnkBio are great in their own unique way. 

If you're someone who wants things to happen quickly and a neat interface for peace sake, I’d recommend Linktree.

Just in case you want to pay a one-time fee, LnkBio is the best choice for you. But remember, you might have to grind for a few hours to understand how it works! 

Overall, I’d say it's a tie. You can pick any based on your personal preferences.

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